Talks is a private communication platform based on advanced security protocols. Available on mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) operating systems, as well as on the web, it enables fast and secure communication from any device and any location.

Key functionalities

  • Voice, video and conference calls;
  • Instant messaging and file transfer;
  • Multifunctional calendar;
  • Screen Sharing;
  • White list for premium users;
  • Admin panel for managing user accounts and activities;
  • User networking through tokens;
  • 2FA - two-factor authentication.

On-Premise - Security in your hands

  • Traffic and data control in your data center;
  • High-level data encryption in transit and during storage;
  • Cryptographically secure hash functions for your users' passwords and tokens;
  • 0-Trust system + 2 Factor Authentication - Multi-level user authentication according to world standards;
  • Automatic maintenance and updating of the system infrastructure;
  • Full control of the system through the admin panel.

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