SafeViewer platform provides secure access to your company's servers. Easily and securely manage servers and business by using a platform that provides engineers with fast and efficient access to specific servers day-to-day.

SafeViewer is a platform that is primarily created for companies that are aware of the importance of communication and information security within the organization. The platform is a supplement to previously protected systems in order to keep up with security technologies and reduce the possibility of data abuse to a minimum.

The platform provides detailed information:

  • Engineer/user identity;

  • Engineer/user access time to the server;

  • Information about the task/action it was performing on the server;

  • Recording of your server access and tasks;

  • An archive of recordings on your encrypted database that only you have access to;

  • File Quarantine is a user's request to the administrator, primarily to upload or download files on the server.

System monitoring of the work of external engineers/users with the SafeViewer application becomes an automated process in which only you have control over all information at every moment.

Video recordings after the session are automatically sent to the ADMIN PANEL. Each video recording is linked exactly to the server on which any change took place, so the overview of all recordings in the ADMIN PANEL is categorized by servers and session times and thus enables a clear and orderly overview of all remote access to servers.

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